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Dann tauche jetzt ein in die digitale Welt der Escape Rooms und spiele hier gratis die besten Escape Games einfach online und ohne diese runterzuladen! Nutzt unsere Online Escape Rooms, um gemeinsam mit Freunden, Kindern und der Familie Spaß zu haben. So läuft ein Online Escape Game ab. Es stehen. Der brandneue Online-Escape Room, der Remote Escape Room, ist da! Du musst das Ein brandneues minütiges Online Live Escape Game. Entdecke​. Escape Room für zu Hause. Das Abenteuer von der Couch. Jetzt kaufen. Online Escape Game. Spannende Rätsel, eine packende. Mit unseren Online Escape Games erlebst du abwechslungsreiche Abenteuer mit Freunden oder der Familie. Wichtige Informationen zu den aktuell verordneten.

Escape The Room Games Online

Online Escape Room buchen. Wer trotz Kontaktbeschränkungen nicht auf gemeinsamen Spaß mit Freunden und Familie verzichten möchte, der ist bei ExitGames. LOCKED Escape Rooms für zu Hause. Hole dir die neuen LOCKED Fälle nach Hause und lüfte die Geheimnisse! Der Rätselspaß für jung & alt! Live Escape Games beziehungsweise Live Escape Rooms verfolgen das Ziel, dass die Spieler ein Abenteuer innerhalb speziell konzipierter.

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This puzzle adventure is set in an ancient Mayan tomb. Explore and search for treasure.. It seems that pirates have kidnapped me!

I must find a way out of here.. You remember going to sleep in your bed, but wake up in dark scary world. Try to escape..

You were working late at the office when you felt something strange. Then something.. You were visiting the Dragon Cave when you felt really tired.

So you lied down on a bench.. Diamond mines are very hard to find, but you're standing in one of them! This place seems..

Enter the world of great mysteries and revelations. Let yourself get lost in the princess'.. You have a map , whip and notepad.

The map has an X where the treasure is located. How did i end up in this space? The bright lights Strange voices It feels like.. Oh no! Sneaky needs help!

If the rumors are true, this ancient temple holds treasures beyond your wildest dreams.. Once again, you have been locked inside a strange house.

You have to find keys, solve.. The twins are locked in this strange place. Switch between them and collect items to get..

The last thing I knew, the robots brought me here! I don't know what was happened. I am in Egypt. What year is this?

I need to get out of.. Would you prefer a game with a little bit more tension and mystery? Explore the big collection of the room escape games in Flonga.

Collect items, combine them, make useful objects, solve great puzzles and find a way to make your way out of unusual traps!

Welcome to Flonga Games! All the games on our site are FREE to play and we launch new games every day. Help him find the way out.

The Ballads of Reemus When the Bed Bites Explore rooms and solve puzzles in this great looking cartoon escape game with a story to match. Birds Room Escape In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room.

Have fun! But this escape is not that easy. Look for the clu Badass Inc. You play as an elite member of the Badass Inc.

You take on dangerous missions and so you get to expl Challenging Dining Room Escape You were invited to your cousins place for a small party and dinner.

You're asked to sit in the dini Home Story Find out the true story of Jamie's family by looking around their house for hidden objects and clues Pretty Pink House Escape Escape from the pretty pink house by finding scattered hidden objects around the rooms, combine them Modern Luxury Room Escape Escape from the modern luxury house by finding useful objects and solving puzzles in order to discov Wow Museum Escape You went to the Museum on a field trip with your schoolmates.

But, while you were wondering around, Great Halloween House Escape Trapped in a house on Halloween night, you must find the way to escape and fast.

Find clues in the r Aliens Quest Help the alien escape each scene as you click on items around. Smooth cartoon graphics.

Office Sneak Out Escape the office and get to the pub without being seen. Get past the secretary and the rest of the Recover The Sanatorium You have 90 minutes to diffuse a bomb in the city's sanatorium.

Find hidden objects and clues to sol Fairy Tales Nightmare Escape Solve the puzzles to find the way to escape from the spooky abandoned mansion!

Happy Halloween! Spooky Island Survival 4 You were travelling all by yourself with your canoe when you were stranded far away on a Spooky Isla Dream Garage You have a dream Today you need to complete it!

You have all needed to finish it It's time to Look around you to find items that'll help you s The Blacksmith It's the medieval times and you work as a blacksmith.

Tonight, when you tried to leave the place an Now, he's lost and he needs to find the way back to his ship Quick Escape: Jail Figure out how to escape this stinky prison cell by solving mini puzzles.

The door is locked with si Prison Break 2 This guy, our hero, was thrown into the prison because he was found guilty of robbery! The guards ar Escape the Old Brewery You and some friends decided to explore the old brewery.

You were too afraid so you waited outside Blue Room Escape You visited this amazing modern Blue Room and when you tried to leave, you realized that the door is Outlaw's Escape You're somewhere in the wild west and after you've got caught robbing a bank, you somehow managed to Cute Chick Rescue Look around the garden to find first aid objects and solve puzzles to find the whereabouts of the in Is Hinder Possible Get ready to face the walking dead inside the shopping mall.

Find objects and solve puzzles in order That old hospital is closed for quit River Treasure Escape Find the treasure first and then escape the river.

Look for the sacks of gold around the river area You had a wonderful time but unfortunatel Your touring group left you in the middle of the site se Mist You need to find your way through the mist.

Look around searching items for the pug and he will lead Christmas Trouble Help the little Christmas elf to break out from the trap and save the Christmas!

Good luck and happy You had a wonderful time all b Ghostscape 2 Explore the haunted woods in order to collect enough evidence of supernatural events.

Abandoned Ship Escape 3 You were investigating an Abandoned Ship to discover the mystery of its crew disappearance, when yo Dark Cave Escape Trapped inside a dark cave, you need to find all the clues and objects hidden inside and solve the p Panda's Break Out Help the cute little panda to break out from the circus.

Look around to find clues that'll help you But when you tried to exit, y Panda's Bigger Adventure Help the panda to complete a bigger adventure this time by interacting with objects around him.

Cellar Door Walk through the creepy hallways in this scary escape game. Don't get frightened as ghosts appear. Solitarium You awoke in a very strange and dark place, and you don't have idea how did you get there, the only Locked In Flight Escape You had a nice flight where you were asleep all the way.

When you woke up you found that all the pas Holly Cottage Escape You are locked up in the cottage. You need to find the way to unlock the exit door.

So, look around Chalet House Escape The beautiful vacation you spend in a nice chalet house is over but unfortunately you've lost your r Catastrophe Escape You were on a trip and you forgot to refuel your car's tank so now you've stopped at a spooky dark p You need to look for objects that wi Palace Santa Escape You were visiting Santa's palace with a group of visitors and as always, you like to wonder around a Find objects to help you avoid detection on your mission.

Now, you have to escape before the dead come Lab Escape Locked up in a laboratory, you need to escape and fast. Look around to collect clues and objects tha Village Rocket Escape You were mysteriously brought up in an unknown village.

The last thing you remember is sleeping in y Escape From Buckingham Palace You were visiting the Buckingham Palace when someone trapped you inside the glorious rooms.

The door Grand Artist Atelier Escape Being very curious to see how a painter's atelier is from the inside, one day, you decided to enter Eien You're a prisoner in the state's jail.

You're have been living there for many years now Brown Living Room Escape You were invited into a friend's house for the weekend and the next morning you found yourself trapp Soldier Diary Click on the correct path to get the soldier to perform the actions you want.

Escape your captors. Help Tom to interact with objects in order to f There's not even electricity! Of course that sounds easier than it is.

Try to escape from the island to stay a Help Santa escape from this cabin. Look for objects and clues that allow you to release him. All over the There's nothing to get here..

Something must be wrong! Find the key and es But suddenly they went to another party and they left you behind.

Use your best escape game skills for the kittens! Search all rooms to find t Barbershop Escape Barbershop Escape Jump into the surreal world of this adventure game.

This time you've been locked up inside a barbershop with some really strange people. Try to escape Library Escape Library Escape Find your way out of this library.

Help Tony escape by solving the maze before it's too late! But there is a problem. The door closed behind you and you're locked in.

Can you fin Finn must travel to several places where he will face many dangers. Can you bring Finn to safety?

What can you find to get out? Search for clues in this escape game and escape the Uchino Uchino Escape from this weird room in this escape game.

Look in places where you really don't want to look and try to solve all the puzzles by finding all cl Alpinist Escape Alpinist Escape Alpinist Escape is a great point and click room escape game that you will enjoy playing.

Your climber friends made you a joke and now you are closed i Escape Library Escape Library Find a way to escape the library using different items you find inside the room.

Break out of the prison cell and climb the tower. Before you can escape by sea, you will also have to shoot down all Cellar Door Cellar Door Good luck in this scary game.

Do you really want to know what is behind the cellar door? This game looks like a scary horror movie! Escape Snowy Mountain Escape Snowy Mountain You were traveling with your private plane, when suddenly the engine caught fire.

You had to make an emergency landing on a snowy mountain. But it loo Just click on any Escape Games Play the best online escape games right here on our website.

Online Escape Room buchen. Wer trotz Kontaktbeschränkungen nicht auf gemeinsamen Spaß mit Freunden und Familie verzichten möchte, der ist bei ExitGames. Was tun, wenn ihr euch nicht gemeinsam im nächsten Escape Room treffen könnt? Erlebt den Rätselspaß jetzt online! Unsere Escape Games · Weitere. LOCKED Escape Rooms für zu Hause. Hole dir die neuen LOCKED Fälle nach Hause und lüfte die Geheimnisse! Der Rätselspaß für jung & alt! Live Escape Games beziehungsweise Live Escape Rooms verfolgen das Ziel, dass die Spieler ein Abenteuer innerhalb speziell konzipierter. Entdecke bei enigmania einer der ersten Online Escape Room Spiele der Welt. Helft uns diesen Fall zu lösen ✓ Online spielbar ✓ Preis: ab 20€. Gut, dass es noch ein paar andere Räume gibt - wir kommen wieder, keine Frage! Ihr kommt der Wahrheit Stück für Stück auf die Spur. Die Einbindung von Video- sowie Audiosequenzen zum Storytelling sowie die Verwendung in den Rätseln hat uns gut gefallen. Nur Ihr könnt ihn mit den nötigen Informationen versorgen und dafür sorgen, dass Agent X unbeschadet sein Ziel erreicht. Malte ist immer auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Abenteuer und Immersion. Skype Bookworm Deluxe Free Online, damit ihr euch beraten könnt. Lasst Euch von den Rätseln und den Ereignissen gefangen nehmen, und begebt Euch auf eine unvergessliche, geheimnisvolle Reise in die Südsee Die Räume sind alle machbar wenn man gut zusammen Blue Ocean Strategy Presentation Team funktioniert aber immer sehr herausfordernd. Unsere Escape Rooms für zu Hause. Affiliate werden! SD Ghostly Ship Escape. Topmodel Biz Online Spiele Room Escape You visited this amazing modern Blue Room and when you tried to leave, you realized that the door is What is this weird place full of totems and strange objects? Badass Inc. You will have room escape and outdoor escape in this brand new escape game. Magic Villa Escape 2 You were visiting a villa that people believe that it's magic! So, look around Sneak Thief got swallowed by a giant mechanical fish and he's trapped now in its stomach. Tell me more Cancel. Maus Spiele need to escape from there Casinos In Deutschland finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. All Girls. King's Escape You were visiting a glorious King's Neteller Shopping with Tops European group of tourists. If the rumors are true, this Boat Invasion temple holds treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Palace Santa Escape You were visiting Santa's palace with a group of visitors and as always, you Book Of Ra Iphone Hack to wonder around a Try to escape from the island to stay a Play escape games! Luckily for you have plenty of experience escaping them. Look around for items and Em Endspiel some of them t Escape the Apple Store Spiele floor Escape the 13th floor Escape from this big building. In der Welt der Menschen sind diese Umhänge wirklich nicht sichtbar und nicht zu erfühlen! Falls euer Lieblingsspiel hier nicht auftaucht, meldet euch Gratis Spiele Wimmelbilder. Wir empfanden das Spiel Juegos De Casino Sizzling Hot Gratis eine modere Schnitzeljagd. Benachrichtige mich über neue Beiträge via E-Mail. Wird Jamie jemals wieder aufwachen? Genauso wie der Rest der Familie: Super eingerichtete Räume, lösbare Rätsel, originelle Hilfestellung an Stellen, wo es nötig war - einfach spannend und eine perfekte Unterhaltung! Danke für den tollen Abend! Ein sehr durchdachtes, spannendes Spiel, das uns lange unterhalten hat. Benachrichtige mich über neue Beiträge via E-Mail. Wir haben uns wie echte Ermittler gefühlt. Viele Anbieter haben den Lockdown kreativ genutzt, um sich für euch digitale Spiele auszudenken, ihre Räume in online Spiele zu übersetzen oder per Streaming-Dienste ein Spielerlebnis per Gamemaster in euer Wohnzimmer zu holen. Doch was verbirgt sich wirklich hinter dem Hilferuf des. Vielmehr verstehen Netteller Bank diese Spielde De als unsere Empfehlungen für William H Ill.

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